3 Stretches to Reduce Lower Back Pain

3 Stretches to Reduce Lower Back Pain

3 Stretches to Reduce Lower Back PainWhile there are a number of causes of lower back pain, this type of pain increasingly arises from a daily routine that involves several hours at a desk in front of a computer. As one ages and the spine degenerates, cartilage deteriorates and vertebrae move closer together, which can increase back pain. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take, such as improving your posture. You can also do stretches to help ease the aching. If you have any concerns about your body's ability to handle a new stretching regimen, it'll be best to play it safe and first consult a reputable chiropractor. Here's a look at three stretches that can help alleviate lower back pain.

Knee to Chest

First, like down on your back with one leg straight, and one bent. Hold your leg from behind your knee and slowly pull it up toward your chest. Hold this pose for thirty seconds and then switch legs. It'll be best to stretch each leg five times. This will help to stretch your lower back, as well as your hips, thighs, and glutes.

Child's Pose

This is a yoga pose that can help to alleviate pain throughout your spine. For this, you'll face the ground, with your legs tucked beneath you, and your glutes resting on the backs of your heels. Then, fully extend your arms forward, with your hands resting on the ground. This should be done five times in thirty-second intervals.

Piriformis Stretch

The piriformis is a small muscle that runs diagonally from the lower spine to the upper femoral surface. The sciatic nerve runs beneath it. To stretch this muscle, you'll want to get on the ground about a foot away from a wall. Then, lie flat on your back with your palms downward at your side. Next, fully extend your legs straight upward and bring your heels to rest against the wall. Now, rest one ankle atop the opposite knee. Hold this for twenty seconds and then switch legs.

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