5 Reasons to Choose Vibration Therapy

5 Reasons to Choose Vibration Therapy

5 Reasons to Choose Vibration TherapyVibration therapy is divided into two categories: localized and whole-body. For localized therapy, a hand-held vibrating instrument will be placed on the location that needs treatment, such as particular muscles. As part of whole-body vibration therapy, you'll position yourself on a machine that incorporates a vibrating platform.

For both localized and whole-body therapies, the idea is that, following the contractions, your muscles will strengthen and then relax. And hopefully, during the process, the body will also create more bone-producing cells, which can help improve bone density. Chiropractors and others who promote vibration therapy understand that this treatment offers a number of different health benefits. Here's a look at five reasons to choose vibration therapy as a way to increase your personal wellness.

Increase Muscular Strength

While it can still be useful to hit the weights, by adding vibration therapy to your regimen, you can increase muscle strength while potentially avoiding the after-workout soreness.

Used by Professional Athletes

Many world-class athletes now use vibration therapy as part of a training routine that also includes aerobics and strength training.

Improve Circulation

For optimal overall health, you'll want to have healthy blood circulation. Recent medical studies have indicated that vibration therapy can improve skin blood flow, as well as blood flow to the legs.

Pain Relief

As mentioned above, vibration therapy can reduce post-workout pain. In addition to that, it has been shown to disrupt the pain signals sent from the brain to other parts of the body.

Reduce Parkinson's Symptoms

While more studies are needed to understand the full potential benefits, recent research has shown that vibration therapy can reduce short-term Parkinson's disease symptoms like muscle tremors.

If you're interested in vibration therapy, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For vibration therapy in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, SC, the experts to contact are at Headley Family Chiropractic at (843) 800-2584. Feel free to give Headley Family Chiropractic a call today to ask any questions that you have about how vibration therapy can improve your well-being!

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