5 Common Causes of Back Pain

5 Common Causes of Back Pain

5 Common Causes of Back PainOftentimes, back pain is far more than a mere nuisance. It can be a debilitating issue that keeps you from being able to enjoy your life, and may even prevent you from working. Before it gets to this point, you want to figure out the source of your back pain and what exactly you can do to alleviate it. There are a number of different issues that can cause back problems. Here's a look at five common causes of back pain.

Bulging Discs

Bulging discs can result from a number of causes, such as age-related wear and tear, poor posture, heavy lifting, and car accidents. Your disks function as cushions between the vertebrae. When they bulge or rupture, they can then put pressure on a nerve. In some instances, a bulging disc can occur without causing pain.


Risk factors for osteoarthritis include obesity and old age. This is a condition that can greatly affect the lower back. There is also a correlation between arthritis and spinal stenosis, which is a condition where there is a shrinking of space around the spinal cord.

Muscle Strain

Muscle and ligament strains can result from heavy lifting. You might also notice back spasms. As many times as you've heard it before, you still want to make sure that you always lift with your knees.


If bones become brittle, then it's possible that compression fractures in the vertebrae could result.


Scoliosis is a condition where the spine curves off to the side. This can cause back pain, though in many cases it isn't felt until middle age or so.

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